Spotlight Musician: Jade Cook


Photo by Kyla Stead

Kyla Stead, World News Editor

Growing up in a musical household, senior Jade Cook has been involved with music for most of her life. 

¨I remember going to my mother´s job when I was young and singing ‘Frère Jacques.’ I have no idea how I knew that song, but I stood confidently in front of them and sang,¨ Jade said.

She has been involved in chorus since elementary school and also participates in band, orchestra and a choral group at Harlem School of the Arts in New York. She plays the tuba, flute, some guitar and is learning standup bass as well.       

Jade enjoys singing musical theater songs because of the emotional variety and story-telling that the songs often hold.

Her family has had an important role in her musical endeavors, and she says her parents have always supported and encouraged her. Her oldest sister is her biggest inspiration. 

¨I always remember her having such a beautiful voice, and I have always admired it,¨ Jade said.

She plans on continuing to take music lessons and joining ensembles in college, and she encourages others to not let anything hold them back from pursuing what they love. 

¨If you love music, theater, writing or art but are scared about not being able to pursue it because of financial reasons, do it.¨