New ShopRite in Westfall donates to Port Jervis Warming Station, other local charities


ShopRite representatives drop off donations for the Warming Station in Port Jervis.

Meaghan Hunt, Community News Editor

On Oct. 27,  the Combo 11 students were going to buy items from shopping centers to donate to the Project ‘Giving Warmth.’  However, the employees who work for the new ShopRite in Westfall “beat them to it.” 

The Project ‘Giving Warmth’ was set up by German and French teacher Mrs. Elke Miller. The collection is donated to the Warming Station in Port Jervis. Mrs. Miller asked those donating to do so by Dec. 1.

Dr. Nicole Cosentino and Dr. Brian Blaum had a meeting three weeks ago with representatives from ShopRite. ShopRite’s employees were passionate about becoming active members in the Milford community.

In the meeting, the ShopRite representatives and Dr. Cosentino and Dr. Blaum talked about multiple things they could do in the community. This is when the Warming Station in Port Jervis was mentioned.

They discussed it and planned a date for the ShopRite representatives to drop off donations to the High School. On Oct. 8, ShopRite representatives dropped off over 20 bags of donations that varied from everyday supplies to items of clothing

“I was grateful, and it’s exciting,” Dr. Cosentino said.

The donation from ShopRite far exceeded DV’s expectations and the need for the Port Jervis Warming Station. However, the extra supplies were sent to the Milford Food Pantry and the Bushkill Outreach Program.