Spotlight Artist: Olivia Coelho

James Zayatz, World News Co-Editor

Junior Olivia Coelho has been interested in art since a young age, having grown up admiring the work of her father, an art professor, and his students. As a little girl, she could always be found working on some art project or another, often sitting in on her father’s lessons while completing a painting or art craft.

“My biggest inspiration is my dad. Not only is he incredibly talented but he also encourages me and loves my work. He is my biggest fan, and I’m his,” Olivia said.

Olivia realized that she wanted to seriously pursue art in her freshman year when taking her first drawing class. She has completed both drawing classes and Painting 1 in the time since. Her junior year is comprised of Computer Art 1, Graphic Design, Painting 2 and Jewelry Design.

This acrylic painting is a perfect example of Olivia’s vivid art style.

Olivia enjoys painting over all other mediums, even more so when the paintings are big, bold and colorful. Her goal is to use her creativity to produce art that is eye-catching and fun to look at. Alongside painting, Olivia loves to draw and has been recently expanding her horizons with computer art classes.

“Being creative has always been part of me, and I hope to encourage others to do what they love,” Olivia said.

Olivia’s passion for art is driving her to take AP Studio Art in her senior year before she continues to study the arts in college.