Superintendent Dr. John Bell’s masking policy message

Statement released on school website:

Effective October 22, 2021

A lawsuit against the district has been filed in federal court regarding DV’s current masking policy. A federal judge has also issued a temporary restraining order saying that parents do not have an option to exempt their children from the Department of Health Order unless the parental waiver form is supported by medical documentation which provides verifiable medical proof that the student requires an accommodation from a health risk to the student caused by mask wearing.           

Therefore, all students must wear masks unless they can provide sufficient medical documentation as mentioned above to warrant the district approving an accommodation.  Students without an approved accommodation and not wearing a mask will not be allowed in class as per the court order. 

If you will be seeking a medical exception for your child, you will find a medical exception form on the website. Parents needing assistance should use their child’s school counselor as their point of contact with the school.