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Sports Scores
Journalism students win four awards at annual Bigler conference
Shannon Eby, School News Co-Editor • May 14, 2024

   The Newspaper staff attended the Tom Bigler Conference at Wilkes University on April 26.  The conference was also attended by...

Dr. Brian Blaum, Dr. Nicole Cosentino, Mrs. Beth Pavinich and Mrs. Mercy Ross traveled to Central Penn College to receive the Friends of FCS award.
FACS department wins award at PAFCS
Etain Starr, Opinions Co-Editor • May 14, 2024

Superintendent Dr. Brian Blaum received the Friends of FCS award at the PAFCS conference on April 13.  The award is given out to someone...

Junior combo student advances to district contest
May 14, 2024

The annual Rotary essay contest was held in February for all juniors and seniors to participate in.  The goal of this contest is to gain...

Teachers get egged
Shannon Eby, School News Co-Editor • March 26, 2024
Band members perform at Marywood Wind Celebration
Roxy Cauchi, School News Co-Editor • March 13, 2024
Teacher Feature: Mr. Richie Matz
Teacher Feature: Mr. Richie Matz
Hailey Kelly, Arts & Lit Editor • March 13, 2024
Community News
The Girl Behind The Gun to host non-lethal self defense training
Emma Ciancio, Opinions Editor • March 6, 2024

Lorraine Crescimanno, the owner of The Girl Behind the Gun, will host a non-lethal self defense seminar geared toward women, young drivers, teenagers...

Consumers see no limits
Shayla Macaulay-Dech, Entertainment Co-Editor • February 29, 2024

People love possessions. They love the satisfaction of buying something and owning it for themselves, just because they wanted it and had the...

Golden Globes’ host faces backlash
Maddie Gifford, Community News Editor • February 7, 2024

On Jan. 7, the 80th Golden Globe Awards was broadcasted live at 5 p.m. on streaming services all over the country. This year's Golden Globes...

Time to Shine
Julie Hopper, Amateur Writer • May 7, 2024

Prologue I was not pleased. I may be considered dramatic at times, but this was all new territory. My brother has been taught well. (He was...

Art students compete in 2024 Scholastic Art & Writing competition
April 5, 2024

Students from a variety of art classes submitted pieces to the Scholastic Art & Writing competition, winning a total of 25 awards with 18...

Future star in the making: Bella Como
Future star in the making: Bella Como
Michael Elaro, World News Co-Editor • February 2, 2024

Junior Isabella Como has grown up with music in her life, and now she is pursuing it herself. Her father, along with several other family members,...

Ugg slippers continue to rise in popularity
Kat Quinn, Community News Editor • April 11, 2023
44 DV art students win scholastic award
44 DV art students win scholastic award
Roxann Cauchi, Arts & Lit Co-Editor • January 30, 2023
The wildfires have caused extensive damage to the landscape in Texas since they initially started.
Ravaging fires in Texas force evacuations
Brian Rodriguez-Hernandez, World News Editor • March 7, 2024

The largest fire ever recorded in Texas history ignited on Feb. 26 and has since stayed ablaze and further increased in size due to gusty winds...

Idaho Killer caught and charged
Maddie Gifford, Staff Writer • February 1, 2023
DeLorean Motor Company unveils plans for new Alpha5
DeLorean Motor Company unveils plans for new Alpha5
Michael Helt, Science and Technology Co-Editor • October 18, 2022

     Over 40 years after the DMC-12’s initial release in 1981, DeLorean Reimagined Llc., operating under the name DeLorean Motor Company...

Whats in your food?: Skittles
What's in your food?: Skittles
Hazel Buro, World News Co-Editor • October 18, 2022

The vibrant colors of Skittles may not be so bright after all. In order to achieve the look of this classic candy, Mars uses a chemical additive...

Baseball Photos
Bobby Russo, Science & Technology Editor • April 11, 2024

The Rise of the Adidas Sambas
Olivia Van Tassell, Community News Co-Editor • November 8, 2023

Since Sambas began being sold in 1950, they have been one of Adidas’ best sellers. The shoes were originally meant for soccer but entered...