Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special causes employees to strike


Comedian Dave Chappelle

Comedian Dave Chappelle’s stand-up show special “The Closer” was released on Oct. 5 and became one of Netflix’s most popular shows shortly after its release. 

Although it seemed to be well-received by the public, many Netflix workers did not feel that way. In fact, many employees walked out in protest of the content in “The Closer.”

The Netflix special has segments where jokes are made about the discrimination of the LGBTQ community. Although these jokes come up often in Chappelle’s stand ups, Netflix employees, specifically ones associated with the LGBTQ community, did not agree with Netflix airing the special. Netflix kept the special on their platform, which led to employees speaking out against the streaming company. 

The outrage from Netflix employees led to some allegedly being suspended and fired. Netflix denied those claims, stating that no employees were terminated, and that all employees are entitled to their own opinions. The employees did not feel this way, resulting in protests and walkouts in late October. 

Since these walkouts, Chappelle said that he is willing to meet with Netflix employees who felt some of his jokes were distasteful, but only if they had watched his special “from beginning to end.” 

Netflix worker Ashlee Marie Preston said that she invited Chappelle for an open discussion at Netflix headquarters in Los Angeles, California, but she did not receive a response. “The Closer” is still listed on Netflix despite the controversy surrounding it.