Farnum House provides creepy experience for Halloween season

Aidan McBride, Sports Co-editor

The Farnum House in Port Jervis is a well-known haunted house experience that has been open every October since 2007. Since then, it has built a reputation for its creepy atmosphere and jumpscares. 

The Farnum house is a very popular local spot. So, the wait is long, but it is worth it. 

The house definitely has a creepy atmosphere. The jumpscares were well-timed, but they weren’t anything to make visitors want to leave due to their terror. What really made the experience were the actors because they created a chilling environment to be in.

Although not completely scary, the Farnum house really captures a feeling of unexpectedness and eeriness. It is definitely a spot to hit during the Halloween season if visitors are looking for an entertaining and scary experience.