Early Childhood students adapt to online learning


Following their return from winter break, Early Childhood Education students made a transition to online learning in their preschool program. This correlated with the school’s decision to allow Zoom as an option for all students.

Two issues they knew they would face were keeping the preschoolers’ attention and having the parents Zoom with the children. Despite this, Early Childhood Education Instructor Mrs. Jill Farr mentioned the transition was easy for the preschoolers, and their parents didn’t mind the change.

According to Mrs. Farr, the high school students had negative reactions towards having to Zoom with the preschool students. She said the high school students did not embrace this change as easily as the younger students did.

“High schoolers hate it [Zoom]. They don’t like it. They want to see the kids [in person],” Mrs. Farr said.

To help keep the preschoolers’ attention, Mrs. Farr emphasized the importance of using motions and keeping a smile while talking to the kids. Interacting with the kids proved difficult as many Early Childhood students struggled communicating with the kids as easily as they did in person.

“It was hard to connect right away and keep them engaged,” junior Abby Lloyd said.

The preschool will return to in-person learning on February 1.