Spotlight Artist: Sage Henry

Sage Henry’s interest in the arts grew exponentially during her freshman year, in which she took a multitude of art classes, such as Drawing I and Foundations of Art, with Mrs. Christine Sweeney and Dr. Irene Lantz, respectively.  Sage grew up in an artistic family, so her life has always revolved around art. 

“When I started taking more art classes, I learned to develop my art more and experiment with countless amounts of different media,” Sage said. 

When Sage first became invested in art, she focused on drawing animals such as dogs and birds and later moved to people and bodily figures. She enjoys mixed media and specifically prefers painting and drawing. 

She grew up constantly sketching with graphite pencils but began to utilize colored pencils, painting and various other mediums as she discovered her style. 

“Whenever I talk about my ideas, I become instantly inspired and drop everything to just create or sketch down my thoughts. Looking at pieces of art, whether it be around the school or on social media, inspires me to leave my comfort zone,” Sage said. 

Sage plans to take more art classes her senior year, such as AP Studio Art and Painting I. She is also currently the vice president of the National Art Honor Society. 

“Sage has the ability to interpret and represent form in a way that shows skilled realism and thoughtful expression of her ideas. She also understands color and how to use it to great effect in her work,” Mrs. Sweeney said. 

Her first art memory includes her sketching her sister’s dog at a soccer tournament. Despite not having a reference picture, this drawing allowed her to realize that she wanted to continue creating artwork. 

“I love the growing art in our school’s community and hope for more art to be spread throughout our school, as I believe it adds creativity and expression,” she said.