Spotlight Musician: Scott Holderith

As a violinist, junior Scott Holderith has been a part of the orchestra ensemble from a young age. 

When Scott was in the second grade, he was approached by fifth graders about joining the orchestra. His beginning as a musician started the next year when he decided to take their recommendation. He originally wanted to play the cello, but there were not enough of the instrument for everyone. So he learned the violin instead. Scott also exposed himself to band and chorus in his later elementary years but decided that orchestra was the best fit for him.

Scott credits Mr. Nathan Kroptavich, his elementary and middle school orchestra teacher, as his greatest inspiration to continue performing music. He set a goal early on to continue to participate in orchestra until his high school graduation.

“I’ve had times when I wanted to quit, but I’ve stuck with it continuously. Part of it is because I like the new variety of music we get to play every year,” Scott said.

Besides Miss Lauren Flack’s orchestra class, Scott has participated in an event held at Marywood Event a few months back as well as several PMEAs to help promote music education.

Scott claims playing the violin is a big part of his life.

“Playing the violin is unique to me. It’s something I like to do routinely,” Scott said.