Spotlight Writer: Paige Gualandi

     Senior Paige Gualandi began writing after reading and studying playbooks and shows. 

     “I get the best writing when I’m in a good headspace,” Paige.

     She writes at a teacher’s instruction, and though it isn’t one of her main interests, she makes sure she puts out her best work. Paige shares that she got the best writing experience in her AP Language and Composition class with Ms. Sarah Fitzkee.

     She said that she easily grasped the material because of Ms. Fitzkee’s dramatic reenactment and explanation of their assignments.

Her favorite memory is from Honors English 9 when Mr. Mike Sotak played the nurse in the class’s reading of “Romeo and Juliet”.  

     Her genre of choice is creative writing, as she finds her style flows better when she writes for a prompt. 

     “Creative writing gives me the flexibility to interpret the prompt in different ways,” Paige said.

     Her approach to her English assignments is just to go straight into her research and writing.

     Paige notes that she finds it difficult to make rough drafts and try to organize her thoughts beforehand. The most she’ll do is jot down a few bullet points as she reads whatever she is analyzing. 

     Not only does she show her writing skills in her courses, she also uses what she’s learned to help her apply for colleges. Paige describes how she often uses her research and analytical skills to write essays for scholarships.