Preparing for Careers in Early Childhood


     Since 2010, the Early Childhood Program  has been preparing high school students that are interested in working with kids for their future careers. The three-year class is available for students in 10th grade and above who are in good academic standing. 

     The main goal of the course is to learn how to become a teacher. Students study theory in the classroom two to three days a week, and on the other days, they participate in labs that involve interacting with children. First-year students work at the local daycare center, and second-year students run the preschool that is part of the high school.  In their third year, students go to Delaware Valley Elementary School and student teach. 

     Students also receive their certification for Child Development Associate through the course. “That means that they’ll [the students] walk into a daycare center fully certified to teach,” teacher for the program Mrs. Jill Farr said.

      Becoming CDA certified in high school also allows students to make more money when they first start working. Mrs. Farr also explains that students can receive 15 college credits through the course. This means students have already completed a semester at college, allowing them to graduate early.