Orchestra students perform at Marywood Music Festival

Orchestra students perform at Marywood Music Festival

On October 14 and 15, 17 orchestra students traveled to Marywood University in Scranton to perform in the annual music festival. High school and middle school students from various schools were present.  There were three performances from the different orchestras: chamber orchestra and Junior/Senior orchestra. 

Sophomore Soran Allen performed in the chamber orchestra which required an audition. They were one of 21 students who made it. 

Auditions were not required for the Junior/Senior orchestras, but some students auditioned for a leading chair in their section. Freshman Bryelle Colaku earned first chair bass, sophomore Riley Krick on second viola, freshman Gideon Yost was second cello and junior Hayley Danczewski on first viola. 

All three ensembles performed three songs for a live audience. Students had three weeks to prepare the compositions before the festival. 

“Marywood is a great opportunity for students to play with different musicians in our area,” orchestra director Ms. Lauren Flack said.