Senior Jeongho Koh advances through District Chorus

Senior Jeongho Koh has advanced to District Chorus and will now move onto Regionals. Koh has been in the high school choir for three years. Originally encouraged to try chorus by a friend, Koh began to really enjoy it.

“As I got to know the people and the atmosphere itself, I really liked it so I stuck with it,” Koh said. 

During Regional Chorus, students prepare music for  a concert and audition for All-State Chorus. If students advance to All-State Chorus, they get to participate in another festival.

In order to be considered for District Chorus, students must first audition for chorus adviser Mr. Richard Horst in September. 

 “It’s a very rigorous process to get into District Chorus,” Horst said.

Those who make it through, then audition again with sometimes over a thousand other students in October at Parkland High School in Allentown. Once students are chosen to be a part of District Chorus, they audition for the next level which is Regional Chorus

Koh explains that he loves chorus because of how different it is from his other classes. Instead of sitting down at a desk all period and working or listening to a lecture, with chorus he’s encouraged to sing out and be loud. 

“Put a lot of effort in,” Koh said. “If I can make it, and I’ve only done it for three years, then I feel like a lot more people can make it too”