Kyrie makes a foul off the court

Recently, Kyrie Irving posted a link to an anti-Semitic propaganda film that reiterates talking points from the Black Hebrew Israelites, which is listed as an extremist anti-Semitic hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Irving’s promotion of antisemitism resulted in Nike cutting ties with the player, but the repercussions of his post should be more extensive.

Irving has a large platform and influence, so the things he posts will be defended by his die-hard fans. His tweet creates hate and intolerance in our communities and although wrong, will be supported by his fans.

As long as Irving remains a representative for the Nets, he will bring along with him his army of supporters. 

The athlete is currently suspended from the team, but he should be kicked off for his actions to eliminate the support of anti-Semitism. 

When you have a platform that can be used to spread awareness and create a better world, it should not be used to create hatred and discrimination. By Irving not suffering more severe consequences, it teaches the world that his behavior is acceptable and will increase prejudice and hostility in the world.