Warriors take home 7th district title


The Warriors won their 7th district title by defeating the Scranton Knights, improving their season record to 7-5. Their playoff run first started with their win against Pittston 41-0 on Nov. 4.

Seniors Bradley Coe, Paulie Weinrich, junior Ryder Machado, sophomores Logan Olsommer and Luke Brazanskas contributed to the win with each of them scoring a touchdown. Junior Everett Bell made five out of six extra point kicks.

In the first quarter of the game, Weinrich scored a 79-yard touchdown, and Coe had a 53-yard interception. 

“I thought we played extremely well against Pittston,” head coach Keith Olsommer said.

Junior Aiden Black contributed to the win with a sack, and junior Jackson Corrie and Machado had an interception. Machado had a total of 95 rushing yards, Weinrich had 112 rushing yards and Coe had a total of 76 yards. 

“I didn’t know what to expect after the Abington game because our team has been so up and down,” coach Olsommer said. “But when we had some early success [in the Pittston game], I think that was a precursor to how the night was going to go.”
Following the victory at Pittston, the Warriors defeated Scranton on Nov. 10 in a close game with a final score of 24-21. 

“When we left the field the last time we were at Scranton, it wasn’t the best situation, so I thought we had some motivation going into the game,” coach Olsommer said. 

According to Olsommer, the standout players on offense were Machado with 20 carries and Weinrich with 18 carries. Defensively, juniors Kolton Handy and Justin Kalitsnik each had 16 tackles. 

After the game, coach Olsommer gave out three game balls instead of one. They were given to Weinrich, Machado and Kalitsnik.

“The one formation we lined up in offensively had Weinrich, Machado and Kalitsnik in it, and that was what really got us going,” coach Olsommer said. “Two of them had great blocks and the other one was carrying, and they kind of carried us over the top.” 

Machado had an interception and scored two touchdowns, Corrie had an interception and Weinrich scored one touchdown. Bell made three out of three extra point kicks. In total, the team had 335 all purpose yards and 71 total tackles.

The Warriors play tonight at 7 p.m. in the first round of States at Whitehall High School.

“I think that it’s going to be a great game,” coach Olsommer said. “I think that we’re excited for the opportunity.”