Basketball players show appreciation for teachers with their jerseys


For this season, members of the boys basketball team started a new tradition in the school by giving teachers their jerseys on game days as a token of their appreciation. The players give their jerseys to teachers who have had a positive impact on them before retrieving them at the end of the day for the game.

The tradition was created by head coach Kris Holtzer in an effort to show teachers how grateful the players are for their impact on them. Players and teachers remain excited about giving and receiving jerseys, as it solidifies the positive relationship between them.

Mr. Gary Cotroneo was honored to receive two jerseys from sophomore Jack Greening and junior Jackson Corrie. 

“These are the things that keep me going in this profession. I am humbled and grateful,” Mr. Cotroneo said.

Senior Ronnie McManus has also participated in this tradition, giving his jersey to Mrs. Jenelle France. 

“I was honored to be a part of this initiative and that I have made a positive impact on my students,” Mrs. France said.