44 DV art students win scholastic award


The DV art students submitted pieces for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards this past November.  Out of 2,410 total applicants, 44 DV students won an art award. 

Two students won an American Vision Award, nine won Gold Key awards, 14 won Silver Key. awards and 13 won Honorable Mention awards.

Senior Sage Henry won multiple awards for her portfolio titled “Struggle” which focused on a mental-health awareness theme. Her piece “Jousting the System” won her an American Visions Award, as well as a Gold Key award. Henry’s pieces entitled “Suffocation” and “Struggle” also won her Gold Key awards. She was awarded two Silver Key awards for her pieces “Overwhelmed” and “Sinking,” as well as a Honorable Mention for her pieces “In Distress” and “Emptiness (self-portrait).” 

Henry said that she is inspired by mental health and wanted to convey what it felt like for mental health to take over.

“I want to spread the message that no one is alone,” Henry said, “and very often I use dramatic styles to show how those emotions actually feel.” 

Henry mainly uses paint in her artwork, but she likes to play around with different textures in her pieces. She explains that she plans on minoring in art in college, as well as using it as a hobby or even a side-job. 

““I wasn’t really expecting much, but it was really exciting,” Henry said, “I’m so proud of the other artists, and how our school recognizes artists who create meaningful pieces.”

Junior Madeline Oyer won a Silver Key award for her piece entitled “Boredom,” which featured print-making. Oyer carved a bust of a bored person leaning on their hand, and in the background were two more people slumped over. 

“I wanted to convey how we feel at school, and most of us feel bored and tired, ” Oyer said.

The process to create the imprint was to practice carving the correct shapes before starting the final piece. Oyer dreams of creating a three-piece progression featuring the growth of a mother and daughter. 

“I want to say thank you to my teachers for encouraging me to improve my art,” Oyer said.