Damar Hamlin discharged from hospital, makes full recovery


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During a Week 17 game between the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals, a contest featured at Paycor Stadium, the NFL and millions of people watching Monday Night Football from home  witnessed one of the worst moments possible in a sporting event. In a collision with one of his opponents, star cornerback for the Bills Damar Hamlin fell to the turf, immobile for nearly 10 minutes. 

Hamlin, formerly a Mckees Rocks, Pennsylvania resident, was drafted in the sixth round by the  Bills in the 2021 Draft.

 Last year, he played 14 games in his first year in the league. Though he had a decent year, in 2022 he landed a starting job, playing just about every game in the regular season. 

Entering that disastrous game against the Bengals, the Bills had a winning record and were soaring into the playoffs, as were the Bengals. It was a must-see matchup between two powerhouse teams. Early into the first quarter, Hamlin went for a tackle of Bengals receiver Tee Higgins. He immediately rose, then fell quickly onto his back. 

After the hit, the game went into a deep pause, leading both teams and fanbases to fall into a prolonged, lulled silence. Players, coaches, training staff and other personnel gathered around Hamlin as they waited for him to recover. After an extended stoppage, Hamlin would be sent into an ambulance and transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. As the night went on, the world learned that Hamlin needed CPR on the field after his collapse; we also learned that he went into cardiac arrest. These revelations shocked both present fans and those watching at home.

At the stadium, fans waited for an answer as to whether or not football would still be played. As they waited for a word on Hamlin, the Bills and Bengals were sent into their respective locker rooms. Coaches from both teams met near the Bills locker room. As the coaches hugged, they were collectively on a call with commissioner Roger Goodell. 

Shortly after sending both teams to their locker rooms, the NFL released a statement, explaining to fans and personnel in attendance that the game would be postponed; later, the game was ultimately canceled. Afterward, the league and millions of fans continued to wait for an update on Hamlin. Day by day, we received great news: each day, Hamlin’s condition improved, and he was quickly brought back to some sense of normality. 

In honor of the injured player, the league has begun painting the number 3 at the 30 yard line blue or red as he continues his recovery. They also sent out Hamlin shirts to all 32 teams to show even more support. After lengthy treatment and observation, Hamlin was released from the Medical Center on Jan 9. 

Hamlin spent more time with his family and showed support for the Bills during their playoff run by showing up to the Bills and Bengals rematch in the divisional round. The Bills lost, ending their season. 

Hamlin exhibited a great amount of gratitude by not backing down after this sudden, life- altering moment. He and his fans anticipate a return to the football field soon .