Where are they now? Gabbi Courtright


2022 DV graduate Gabbi Courtright is currently in the US Army National Guard.

When she graduated, she went to basic training in August and graduated in November After basic, she went to Advanced Individual Training to learn specifics of what she was going to do; Gabbi was taught how to drive military trucks. Gabbi came home from AIT in January and she currently trains on the weekends in Carbondale and works during the week. 

This August she plans to attend Penn State main campus through the ROTC program and is majoring in psychology and minoring in criminal justice.  

Gabbi has a eight year contract, six years active duty and two years inactive duty, but she can still get deployed. 

Gabbi loves the military and has met some memorable people there. There have also been punishments she found funny such as mopping in the rain.

“If it’s something you’re even considering, then you should really look into it; it’ll do so much for you as a person and for your career. There are so many options and different levels of commitment.  You’ll find your place,” Gabbi said.