Mrs. Mercy Ross wins FACS Teacher of The Year


Mrs. Ross wins FACS Teacher of the Year.

On March 18, FACS teacher Mrs. Mercy Ross was awarded the State Teacher of The Year Award for her food competitions that she brought to high school seven years ago. Mrs. Ross will be awarded on April 22, along with other winners throughout the state.

“I was surprised but also humbled,” Mrs. Ross said.

She has different types of competitions for each of her classes. For example, her students have participated in cupcake, cookie and pancake competitions. On the school’s website, Mrs. Ross’ page features pictures of a pancake competition.

“The food competitions are to excite kids about learning,” Mrs. Ross said.

Winners from the state’s competition can then apply to be the national Teacher of the Year. Next year, Mrs. Ross plans on applying for that award as well. 

One of Mrs. Ross’ students, senior David Acevedo, favors her teaching style.

“She’s very open to suggestions from the students on what to make,” Acevedo said.