DV Staff reflects on 9/11

Mrs. Tina Reece looks back on her experience on that shocking day


Photo by Shaun Ryan

Music Instructor Mrs. Reece

Q: Where were you during the attacks on 9/11?

A: I was in the second week of my first teaching job ever, working grades K-5.


Q: How did you find out that a plane hit one of the towers?

A: I was in the teachers lounge and the president of the PTA told me that one of the towers was hit. I didn’t know what happened or why at first. I saw the second plane hit live on the news. 


Q: Do you know anyone involved directly, or anyone there in New York that day?

A: No but I heard of kids who lost their parents.


Q: What was your reaction to the attacks?

A: I remember calling my mother. I had just started working, and we were both so shocked. I remember trying to stay calm for the students. Parents were picking up their kids from school.


Q: Do you remember feeling anything specifically?

A: There was such disbelief and confusion, you didn’t feel or think anything, just shock. So many feelings and thoughts happening at once.