DV Staff reflects on 9/11

Mr. Nielsen describes how he experienced the terrible events 20 years ago.


Photo by Nick Gelardi

Mr. Nielsen, Social Studies teacher

Nick Gelardi, News Co-Editor

Q: Where were you at the time?


A: I was in my first year teaching and was in my prep period.


Q: How long after the attacks did you hear about it?


A: Immediately. I actually saw it on the news when the second plane hit.


Q: How did it affect you personally?


A: My college roommate and my cousin worked in the World Trade Center, but I was able to get in touch with them and make sure they were all right.


Q: Do you know anybody who was lost that day?


A: I didn’t know anybody directly, but I knew some students who lost their parents, and that was hard to deal with. 


Q: How did the news affect you the rest of the day?


A: It was my first year teaching, so there was a lot of nervousness. I was unsure about what would happen next. I did not know if I should put everybody in a bubble, in the closet or evacuate the school.


Q: Do you know anyone who has helped in the aftermath of the event?


A: No.