CTE departments work to create organized system of service


Jeongho Koh, Science & Technology Co Editor

This year, the auto, electrical and building departments are collaboratively working towards creating a more streamlined process to organize work in the Autoshop.

Numerous disruptions during class for people to schedule a repair prompted the departments to initiate the project. On top of that, people walking in the shop without proper eyewear and shoes creates a safety hazard.

Instead of walking into the shop to schedule repairs, the electrical students are implementing a doorbell by the service window that students and staff may use to arrange a repair request. There is also a link that is posted on the school website that people can access to arrange an appointment online as well as a QR code outside the window of the shop. 

Students in the auto class complete a variety of repairs such as brakes, tires, wheel alignments, oil changes, inspections, exhausts, steering suspensions, engine lights, lights and noise diagnosis, etc…