Infant missing in Kabul Airport chaos

On the evening of Aug. 19, 2021, two suicide bombers and two gunmen walked into Kabul Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan and began reeking havoc on the citizens inside. At least 60 Afghan citizens and 13 U.S. troops were killed that day. 

Through the midst of this chaos, worried parents Mirza Ali and Suraya Ahmandi handed their newborn baby, Sohail, to a U.S. soldier. Only 16 feet away from the gate, the couple figured they would see their baby in a matter of a few seconds. Those seconds became over a half an hour due to Taliban forces pushing back thousands of Afghan citizens. When Ali and his wife finally reached the gate, Sohail was nowhere to be found. Their baby was gone. Through the next few days, Ali searched far and wide for his baby boy, with no results. Sohail could have possibly been in an area designated for children who were waiting for their parents in the airport. Sohail wasn’t there. Others were saying how Sohail could have been evacuated to the states by himself and in a foster care system now. An amber alert was issued through the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children, as well as signs announcing a missing baby that were circulated through as many sources as possible. 

According to Reuters.Com, Sohail still hasn’t been found. Mirza Ali and his wife Suraya have been sent to Fort Bliss, Texas, and are now stationed there until any further news about Sohail comes forward.