Ensemble students refine skills under professional musicians

Roxann Cauchi, Arts & Lit Co-Editor

On June 10, students in the band, chorus and orchestra ensembles will take a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure. In order to participate in this trip, students will have to attend music workshops hosted at the high school campus. 

These workshops will be run by professional musicians including, Dr. Christopher Kiver, Michael Montero and Dr. Teresa Purcell-Giles. 

In these workshops, the students were able to hone in on their skills under the guidance of the professionals, as well as teachers. Many students were also able to see what a career in music or musical education would consist of. 

The chorus workshop, run by double Grammy winner Dr. Kiver, director of choral activities at Penn State, took place on May 4. In this workshop Dr. Kiver taught the students different singing techniques and focused on healthy ways to get a better sound. 

He also focused on improving their current songs including: “Prayer of the Children,” “You Do Not Walk Alone,” “Niska Banja” and “He, Watching Over Israel.” 

The band workshop, run by Dr. Purcell-Giles a department head for William Paterson University, will be on May 22. Similar to the choral workshop, the director will work with the students to fine tune their current pieces.

The orchestra workshop will be run on May 25, by Moravian University orchestra director Michael Montero. He will work with the students to improve their bowing techniques and ways to evoke different tones and sounds from their instruments. 

“It’s a good learning opportunity for our students, and they get to work with different conducting techniques,” orchestra director Ms. Lauren Flack said. 

The students who attend this seminar got the privilege Six Flags on the school trip to celebrate their hardwork and practice.