DV CTE Students attend Skills USA Competition

CTE students split into two different groups to compete for SkillsUSA. One group attended Luzerne Community College on Jan. 5, while the other group attended Johnson College on Dec. 25. Automotive, electrical, building and culinary arts competed in this competition. Each department had to complete a project. The building construction skills area had to frame two walls and run an outlet to a light switch, then to a light. Another task was to run a sink drain and a hot and cold pex. 

The students who attended this event were: 


Alex Corcoran- Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair (LCCC)


Jayden Bunyavong- Electrical Construction Wiring (LCCC) 


Wyatt Beheran- Building Construction (Johnson)

Joe Carpenter- Cabinetmaking (Johnson)

Elizabeth Gruodis- Plumbing (LCCC)

Brandon Kaufmann (Carpentry) (Johnson)

Kayla MacDonald (Masonry) (Johnson)


Kylie Grunwald- Commercial baking and pastry arts (LCCC) 

Peiper Sivo- Restaurant Service (LCCC)

Michael Stanbro- Culinary Arts (LCCC)

Open to all: 

Anthony Herman-Mann (Job skills Demonstration Open) (Johnson), Luke Hoffman (Action Skills) (Johnson), Olivia Montanino (Related Technical Math) (Johnson), John Rivera (Customer Service) (LCCC), Michael Sazonov-Smith (Extemporaneous Speaking) (Johnson),  Peyton Theodore (Welding) (Johnson)

Junior John Rivera placed first in the Customer Service Competition. Senior Wyatt Beheran placed second in the Building Competition. Junior Jayden Banyavong placed second in the Electrical Competition. Senior Joe Carpenter placed second Cabinet Making Competition. Junior Michael Smith placed second in the Extemporaneous Speaking Competition. Sophomore Peiper Sivo placed second in the Restaurant Service Competition. Senior Kylie Grunwald placed third in the Commercial Baking and Pastry Arts Competition. 

Beheran placed second in Building Construction. From the learning perspective, it was all the skills Beheran has been taught over the past two and a half years. 

“This year I felt that I was more prepared than last year’s competition, ending up in second place,” Beheran said.

“Skills USA is a very good program to join due to the fact that you learn some new skills that you didn’t know already,” Beheran said.