Seniors attend college round table

The college round table, which was held in the auditorium on Jan. 6, provided the opportunity for seniors to talk to DV graduates. 

High school seniors got to hear first-person viewpoints on the differences between high school and college. According to the seniors, this opportunity helped them better prepare for the college application process. 

The graduates who attended the event were Sydney Bolles, Taino Rivera, Abby Vogel, Stella Tannenbaum, Elizabeth Kameen, Andre Phillips, Ralph Courtright, Nicholas Moglia, John-Michael Zirpoli and Issak Courtright. 

Ella Vogel and Kiley Huttman, both senior Student Council members, led the questions asked at this event. 

Having time management, self motivation and being independent are the responses to the biggest difference between high school and college. 

Huttman asked the college students what the campus housing situation is like.

“Sometimes, roommates don’t work out, so a room change is always a good idea. Do not feel bad if you need to switch. It is your college experience,” Kameen said. 

High school seniors, who attended the event also got the chance to ask questions. 

Several questions were asked about the difference in academic level, and if AP classes and regular classes helped.

“These classes that DV offered helped me prepare for college. Don’t be afraid to ask your professor questions,” Courtright said.

College-bound seniors reflected on the round table and stated that they found the topics talked about to be helpful. 

“The college round table was helpful. So many bright individuals came home from college to give excellent advice on several different aspects of college,”  Vogel said. “It was nice to gain different perspectives on the pros and cons of college and learn about different college experiences.”